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  1. „Too big shoes“ is a photo made in 1946, shows a girl standing over ruins of Warsaw ghetto. Who was she, what did she experienced?

    What was her past, present, and future? How she was connected with the city she is looking onto?

    The triangle works here as a occultists symbol, during magical rituals was a place where demon was going to appear.



  2. In flagrante delicto | Shanghai

    Photographic project focuses on the documentation of modern city of Shanghai. The city of the future, hipocrisy, the gem of communistic government. The city that soon will outgrown Hong Kong.

    Highways going through the city like aortas, sixteen metro lines tied up like Gordian knot, skyscrapers that can accomodate thousand of citizens. All of the above created for the modern human beings but in the truth, it is the human who was forgotten in the process.

    Air pollution that extends any allowed norms, poisoned river with thousand of dead livestock floating without control and law enforcements washing up the trees – that is the real image of the city.

    All the photographs were taken from the distance that separates the photographer from this dramatic vision of the future. This distance was intended because of the lack of understanding for the unstoppable expansion of the city without taking human needs into account. Shanghai here looks like the city at the end of time, like the apocalypse. This photographic project shows the relation between the individual – photographer- and a living city- Shanghai.

    The title ‚In flagrante delicto‘ is a reference to a legal term used to indicate that a criminal has been caught in the act of committing an offence.